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You are designed to Live Life Fully and Boldly!

What would life look like if you could finally experience that breakthrough to what you know is possible? 

You know that feeling deep down inside that won’t let go of the “I know there’s more”

But that little voice in your head keeps saying, “who do I think I am?”, “but I’m already overwhelmed”, “I don’t have the energy for more”, “I’m not cut out to accomplish that”, “I just
don’t believe I can do this”

You keep going in the same old circles and the frustration doesn’t go away.  You know in your gut that “there’s more” but you just can’t figure it out. 

You’re asking yourself, "what is holding me back?  I’m doing my best and I just can’t get ahead."
Working harder leads to feeling more tired and frustrated and now you're thinking I just can’t do it all.

Well you’re not alone!

Hi, I’m Patti

I support Professional Women to Grow Through What They are Going Through to Live Life Fully and Boldly.

What if you had the confidence, clarity and energy to move through the overwhelm and uncover that deeper meaning, that longing that doesn’t go away.

I’ve been on this journey of growing through what I’ve been growing through since 2015.  That’s the year my husband, then 53 was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. 

As a coach I made 2 goals early on.  #1 was to ensure Joe always had the best care possible, knowing that wouldn’t always be me and #2 was to not go down with the ship so to speak. 

I knew the rate of caregiver burnout was extremely high.  I was on a mission to not be another statistic and figure out how to best navigate this journey I was now on. 

Are you ready to live life fully? 

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